I’m Brian Ketelsen and I’m a geek.

I love to make connections.  I like connecting people to data.  I like connecting systems that previously didn’t communicate.  I like connecting people to other people.  I like connecting my guitar to my amp.  It’s all about connections.

I have a lot of experience building systems for companies that need rapid deployment of mission-critical systems.  At Clarity Services, Inc. I led the team that built a credit bureau in 90 days.  At Wellcare, I led the team that rewrote an aging insurance portal in just 4 months.  I specialize in turn-around management, fixing faltering processes, catching performance bottlenecks, refreshing aging technologies.

I’m a student at Harvard’s extension program, seeking my Master’s degree in IT Management.  I’m writing a book on the Go programming language for Manning Press.  I’m the founder and co-organizer of GopherCon – the first conference just for Go.  And I’m a partner at Gopher Academy, an organization focused on fostering the Go community through education, conferences, and community activities.  I serve on the Business Advisory Council for Rasmussen College in Tampa, Florida, helping local colleges educate tomorrow’s business leaders.

In 2012, I was a finalist for the Tampa Bay Technology Forum’s CIO of the Year award.

Perhaps you’ve got some things that need connections?  Give me a shout, I’m available for teaching and consulting projects.  bketelsen@gmail.com

You can see more about my qualifications on LinkedIn

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